Telecommunications in today’s world is one of the key industries. Speed plays an important role here. But not only the speed of the signal, but also the speed of special equipment, which will deliver specialists to the destination in case of emergency. Telecommunication towers are usually located on high ground, away from residential areas, and the way to them is often very difficult, especially in bad weather. SHERP utility task vehicles are capable of overcoming obstacles of up to 1 m and moving on any terrain, it will undoubtedly be useful in this area.


Sagemcom is a European company specializing in the production of communication terminals.
The company needed SHERP utility task vehicles, which can easily handle all terrain conditions, to transport personnel and special equipment to hard-to-reach places for laying Internet cable lines and other things.


Inspection of the Kyivstar telecommunication tower.
The tower is high in the Carpathian mountains. Previously, it was considered impossible to access during the winter, but with SHERP UTV, that has changed. Walking time to the tower in good weather is about 5 hours using a horse as a vehicle. The off-road vehicle not only overcame all obstacles in a snowstorm, but also cut the travel time in half.

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