SHERP N 1200

The best UTV that overcomes the most insurmountable obstacles

Off-road vehicle unrivaled throughout the world

The unique design of the SHERP utility task vehicle allows it to ride on any surface and under any weather conditions. This amphibious vehicle is unrivaled throughout the world. Its technical characteristics ensure it will not be stopped by water, sand, swamps, fallen trees, snow, etc. Swim anywhere, drive anywhere!

Body options

Hard top
2 side windows
4 side windows

Interior options

Cargo only
2 rear seats
4 rear seats
7 rear seats


Extended lifetime

The galvanized steel makes the body of the UTV resistant to corrosion.

Aluminum upper part of the body

The vehicle is lighter and has a low center of balance.

3 points of support

At the front and back door.



sherp_fold-down rear seats
Fold-down rear seats

This allows the SHERP to carry both people (up to 9 persons including the driver) and cargo.

Comfortable and ergonomic seats

Ensure a comfortable off-road experience.

4-point seatbelts

Guarantee the safety of the driver and passengers

Ergonomics of the interior

Spacious interior ensures comfort.

Control panel_interior_6
Control panel

Convenient and thoughtfully designed system of switches allows to control the UTV system.

sherp_fold-down rear seats
Control panel_interior_6

Technical data

Max land speed
up to 25 mph
Max water speed
up to 3.7 mph
Autonomous work
up to 65 h
Load capacity
2645 lb
Ground clearance
23,6 in
Height of obstacle to be overcome
up to 4 in


Versatile off-road solution

A versatile logistics solution, allowing to ride any terrains inaccessible for other special equipment. Makes sure that both cargo and people get transported regardless of weather conditions.

Saving due to low operating costs
  • An off-road trasportation of 2 640 lb of cargo by the UTV is 75% cheaper compared to the transportation by a cargo helicopter;
  • Low operating costs ($7/hour);
  • Fuel consumption: 1.3–2.1 gph.
The best capacity for autonomous work as of today

Additional fuel tanks are placed in each wheel disk, increasing the total fuel capacity to 86.2 gal.

The UTV can be operated in the autonomous mode for 65 hours and operated non-stop for 19 hours on a single tank of fuel.

High load capacity
  • Total load capacity of up to 2 645 lb can be increased to 4 600 lb with an optional general-purpose cargo trailer;
  • Passenger capacity: up to 9 persons (including the driver);
  • Towing capacity: 5180 lb.
Warranty & Service
  • Official manufacturer’s warranty: 12 months or 2000 m/h (whichever comes first);
  • easy maintenance due to the unique design;
  • round-the-clock service around the world.

Features and characteristics

Unique ultra-low pressure tires

The tires are connected to each other and can be inflated and deflated at the touch of a button. This unique technology allows SHERP UTV to overcome the most difficult obstacles.
The elasticity of the tires makes them less susceptible to damage, and if a puncture is unavoidable, it can be easily repaired even in the field.

Efficient engine
Efficient & Eco-Friendly Engine

The SHERP uses the Korean high-tech and eco-friendly Doosan engine. The engine provides fuel efficiency and high torque.
The SHERP UTV has the lowest ground pressure of all amphibious vehicles and therefore does not damage the ground while riding.
The engine also meets the requirements of Stage V/Tier-4-final emission standards and delivers the power of 55 hp / 41 kW.

Safety & Visibility

The SHERP has ROPS steel rollover protection and a low center of balance, which greatly reduces the risk of rollover.
The utility task vehicles SHERP also have adjustable 2-, 3- and 4-point seat belts, a solid body and multi-functional hatches.

The driver has full visual control of the surroundnings through the large windshield and side windows, as well as the rear view camera.

Less is more

The vehicle’s suspension has no springs or shock absorbers. Fewer parts means fewer breakdowns, better durability, and lower repair costs.

360° rotation almost on the spot

High maneuverability allows the UTV to move even in dense forests and on any impassable terrain that provides limited space.
The vehicle’s inner turning radius is 2.5 m, and an outer turning radius is 8.0 m.

Towing options

Tows all required equipment

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Carries the snowmobile to the location

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