Peacekeepers from UNMISS use SHERP in their missions
It took the Indian soldiers about 36 hours to cover 202 kilometers of virtually roadless terrain between the towns of Bor and Pibor in South Sudan, but they did so with SHERP utility task vehicles. SHERP is rugged, autonomous, and built to go long distances off-road in all weather conditions!
Demonstration at First Quantum Minerals Ltd mine
A recent demonstration at First Quantum Minerals Ltd’s Trident mine near Kalumbila, Zambia, was a success with many members in attendance. SHERP capabilities were demonstrated to major mining companies: FQML – Kansanshi Mine; FQML – Trident MineBarrick – Lumwana Mine; Barrick – Lumwana mine. Attendees included representatives from a variety of industries: Safety; Emergency Response […]
SHERP is not just a vehicle, SHERP is a business solution!
A new specialized solution designed to help exploration in the harsh conditions of the Arctic has finally been delivered to the customer, despite all the logistical challenges! SHERP UTV is strong, unstoppable and reliable – that’s what we know about it. Customization includes: extra insulation; bear-resistant windows; sleeping accommodations for up to 4 people; additional […]
4 Search & Rescue UTVs for State Emergency Service of Ukraine
Another 4 Search & Rescue UTVs were transferred to the regional offices of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. They will carry out a special mission – to save lives and bring rescuers to the rescue sites during fires and floods, when every second counts! Thanks to their off-road capability, Search & Rescue UTVs can […]
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