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    1. Maintenance and regular repairs were performed by a SHERP service partner?
    2. Has the ATV been in an accident?
    3. Are there any signs of through corrosion on the body panels?
    4. Are the windows damaged or cracked?
    5. Have the tires been repaired or vulcanized?
    6. Was welding work performed on the wheel rim or body parts, chassis?
    7. Does the engine start and works properly?
    8. Does the gearbox shift smoothly, without tangible jerks?
    9. Is the friction steering mechanism (SFM) works properly, does the ATV turn right, left, around?
    10. Is the tire inflation system working properly?
    11. Are the main and spare batteries working?
    12. Has the electricity scheme been modified?
    13. Are all function buttons working properly?
    14. Are there signs of water damage under the payol panels?
    15. Is the aircon, if applicable, working properly?
    16. Webasto, if applicable, working properly?
    17. Is the cabin heater, if applicable, working properly?
    18. Are the cab seats ripped or damaged? (normal wear and tear is acceptable)
    19. Is the dashboard fully functional?
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