Versatile heavy utility task vehicle


Overcomes any obstacles off-road

SHERP THE ARK is able to overcome any multi-level obstacles as endowed with a 3-axis articulated steering system, regulation of tire pressure, the ability to control all wheels.
It is a versatile heavy utility vehicle which has a variety of modules depending on the set tasks.


sherp_high visibility
High visibility

The wide windshield and side windows provide the driver with an unobstructed view.

sherp_ergonomic and secure seats
Ergonomic and secure seats

Comfortable and safe driving on any terrain thanks to three or four-point seat belts.

sherp_convenient control system
Convenient control system

Steering control and ergonomically arranged buttons and switches.

sherp_high visibility
sherp_ergonomic and secure seats
sherp_convenient control system

Technical data

Max land speed
18.6 mph
Max water speed
3.7 mph
Load capacity
7,500 lb
Passenger capacity
Max gradeability
Fuel autonomy
82 hours
Approach clearance
5 ft
Eco Friendly Engine
Doosan D24
Ecological emission control
Maintenance free
diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)
Low fuel consumption
8-12 lph
Ground pressure
0,9-2,1 lb/in²

Ready-made solutions of SHERP the Ark 3400

Universal loading platform

This module is designed for transportation of oversized cargo in areas inaccessible to any other ground transport. The module is also equipped with load securing equipment.

People mover

The transport unit can transport groups of people (up to 22 including the driver) to the most inaccessible areas.

Living module

Long expeditions require not only transport solutions, but also housing. SHERP THE ARK, complete with a housing module, will be a complete solution.
The module can be completed with sanitary and kitchen equipment.

Medical module
Medical module

SHERP THE ARK with medical module will be a great helper in natural disasters, when rescuers need not only to get to the victims, but often to provide emergency medical care.

Drilling rig

Designed for maintenance of
powerlines, geologic exploration,
mining operations

SHERP the Ark 3400 is equipped with
auger steel for urgent drilling works
performance in the hard-to-reach

Tank unit
Tank Unit

Capable of carrying up to 900 gal of fluid in all weather and terrain conditions.

Features and characteristics

Overcome multi-level obstacles
Overcome multi-level obstacles

Equipped with 3-axis articulated steering system that allows the driver to easily overcome multi-level obstacles.

Change tire pressure
Adjustable tire pressure

A unique tire inflation system with exhaust gas allows you to adjust the pressure in the tires and thus overcome the most difficult obstacles.

Get to the most hard-to-reach places of the Earth
All-wheel control system

Reach the most inaccessible areas of the Earth’s surface with SHERP THE ARK.

Thanks to the all-wheel steering system, the driver can switch steering modes, such as leaving only the rear wheel, which is best suited to off-roading, or driving in all-wheel drive for the best traction.

Enjoy an efficient & eco-friendly engine

The Ark 3400 engine provides some of the best dynamic performance in its class and meets the most stringent environmental requirements.
The diesel engine delivers high torque and fuel economy, with low noise and vibration levels. The engine is also adapted for work in all weather conditions.

Stay safe
Stay safe

You can shut off the air supply to the tire in case of a puncture and continue driving.

The front and rear sections are equipped with pumps for pumping water out of the cab.

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