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SHERP utility task vehicles are used for search and rescue operations in the most difficult terrain, where other vehicles are powerless. These are impassable swamps, thin ice, off-road, quicksand, etc.

SHERP_OSP Nowy Cydzyn
OSP Nowy Cydzyn

In April 2020, forest fires broke out in northern Poland, engulfing more than 6,000 hectares of Bebrzanski National Park, the largest in the country.
Hundreds of people and special equipment were involved in this firefighting operation. Among them was a team of volunteers who used SHERP UTV in the operation.

Vehicle was used to transport equipment and firefighters, delivering food and water through impassable swamps, ditches and trenches.

sherp_state Emergency Service of Ukraine in Zakarpattya region
State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Zakarpattya region

The western part of Ukraine often suffers from such natural disasters as floods. Water destroys everything in its path, erodes roads, floods buildings, destroys bridges, and cuts off roads to villages and towns.
The State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region uses 10 utility task vehicles to rescue and search people from flooded regions, as SHERP is an amphibious vehicle capable of moving on any terrain.

sherp_Bay Search & Rescue (UK)
Bay Search and Rescue, UK

This is a volunteer team and charity based in Flookburg. They supply equipment to rescue services throughout the North West of the UK.
SHERP is used in the quicksand and dangerous sands of Morecambe Bay to rescue people, the UTV gets around just fine on this terrain.
The utility terrain vehicle increases the speed at which rescuers arrive, because now they don’t have to carry everything by hand, including high-pressure water pumps across the sand, to get to the victim.

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