Power lines


The usefulness of SHERP UTV in the power line maintenance industry has been confirmed by many global companies such as Ukrenergo, Manitoba Hydro, Hydro Québec, DTEK, Transener, etc.
All of them use SHERP to overcome off-road obstacles on their way to the emergency site, maintenance and inspection of transmission lines in hard-to-reach regions.


DTEK’s Regional Power Grid Service in Kyiv tested the SHERP UTV quadcopter for use in servicing power grids in hard-to-reach places.
DTEK is the largest private company in the energy sector of Ukraine. The company’s enterprises produce electricity at solar, wind and thermal power plants.
As a result of the test survey, DTEK obtained data on the technical condition of 2 km of lines located in a hard-to-reach swampy area. Specialists will be able to use this data for timely repair of these sections.

SHERP plays an important role in maintaining and repairing power grids. Since most high-voltage lines are located far from settlements, it is often difficult to reach them. With all -terrain vehicles SHERP, the power system operators are no longer afraid of impassable swamps, hills and off-road terrain in general. SHERP utility task vehicles will pass on any surface, float and overcome all obstacles.


Hydro-Québec, a Canadian state-owned company founded in 1944, is the largest producer of hydroelectric power in the world and the main producer and transporter of electricity in Canada. The number of subscribers served is more than 4 million.

The trust of such large companies speaks for the quality of SHERP products and the usefulness of all-terrain vehicles in the energy industry. SHERP UTV helps Hydro-Québec technicians overcome any obstacle to inspect, maintain and repair equipment in hard-to-reach terrain.

Scottish Company

The path to troubleshooting wind farms can be very difficult. Hills, uplands, wind gusts… The Scottish service company overcomes all these obstacles with the SHERP UTV. Together they are not afraid of any weather and obstacles.
They also use SHERP for search & rescue operations in winter.

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