Mining & Expolation

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Mining has deficil places as geology support blasting area places with high humidity work in tailings pond etc.
SHERP UTV is capable of moving on all ground surfaces and significantly reduces transportation costs compared to other vehicles.


PipeHunter – is a contractor to mining companies for tailings maintenance (leak checks, air pockets, residual mineral analysis). The company is also a manufacturer of the sewer cleaning industries.
Typically, tailings dams are constructed in low-lying areas such as pits or ravines, an area previously considered inaccessible to ground vehicles. With SHERP, this is now possible, and it can move over any terrain.

sherp_Nuna Group of Companies
Nuna Group of Companies

Nuna Group of Companies is a mining and exploration company involved in heavy civil engineering, excavation and contract mining.
The company uses the SHERP UTV to transport equipment and personnel over unstable ground conditions.

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