SHERP utility task vehicles are often used in expeditions, and it is especially useful in northern expeditions. The UTV is capable of travelling long distances without refuelling, no matter how rough the terrain, it is designed to overcome drifts, ride on ice and swim through water, regardless of the weather conditions.

SHERP took part in the Arctic Rift Copper project in Greenland

Arctic Rift Copper is a large-scale high-grade metal mining project in North Greenland. Three all-terrain vehicles with unique equipment and design were used on the expedition.

Greenland is all about fjords, mountains, nunataks, ice and cold. Who better than SHERP to cope with these peculiarities of relief and weather! It is ideal for use in such projects and landscapes because of its amphibiousness, autonomy and endurance.
With the SHERP UTV, expedition members have traversed snow, ice and water, transported cargo, etc..
Participants of the expedition plan to use SHERP utility task vehicles in the future.

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