SHERP UTVs can be used by real estate development, construction and dredging companies.
Thanks to its high load capacity (up to 2,640 pounds) and passenger capacity, SHERP UTVs can transport equipment and personnel to remote areas of construction projects. Thanks to its cross-country capability on any terrain, the UTV can replace combinations of air and water transportation equipment, thereby optimizing transportation costs.

J.F. Brennan

Brennan is a family-owned construction company specializing in dam construction, submarine cable maintenance, environmental restoration and more.
In swampy, muddy, impassable conditions, the company uses a SHERP utility task vehicle that goes where equipment such as an airboat is powerless.
Brennan is constantly working to minimize its environmental impact, the SHERP provides low ground pressure thanks to its lightweight body and tubeless tires, making it suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas.

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