RIA News

author: ria.ru

Article with positive findings on a portal ria.ru is the best advertising the advantages of SHERP ATV! Of course, the site visitors enjoyed news of a new Russian ATV.

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PH “Klakson”

author: Michael Tataritsky

Well, if anyone is an expert in technics, it is the journalists of PH Klakson. And their positive comments are the perfect proof of SHERP ATV off-road performance , manoeuvrability and reliability!

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Daily Mail Online

author: Stacy Liberatore

"The bizarre ‘mini monster truck’ that can go anywhere" is a very sounding title of an article of from the popular British weekly dailymail.co.uk. But twice as nice as the article itself is full of positive comments and conclusions.

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American Forum site AK47.net

author: ak47.net

The forum of the American AK47.net site presented several video of Sherp. They have caused a great interest of people who left a lot of positive reviews.

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Website trendhunter.com

author: Misel Saban

The trendhunter.com site specializes in finding trend information and interesting videos. No wonder SHERP drew the attention of the publisher. An article on the site disclose main advantages of the Russian ATV, the ones that make it really one-of-a kind. The article describes the main advantages of the vehicle that make it really unique.

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An article in the news section Yahoo.com!

author: yahoo.com

An article about the Sherp in the news section of Yahoo.com! After all, the Russian ATV is becoming popular both at home and abroad, which attracts the attention of experts and lovers of extreme tourism.

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Internet publication thefunnybeaver.com

author: thefunnybeaver.com

Internet publication thefunnybeaver.com ATV named SHERP "crazy Russian SUV". The authors have made an entire collection of videos with our all-terrain vehicle in a variety of environmental conditions.

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Site «Trendolozer Pro»

author: trendolizer.com

Site «Trendolozer Pro» posted information about the "Sherp" with reference to the TopGear team article.

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Website motor-talk.de

author: Constantin Bergander

The journalist of specialized motor-talk.de German site called "SHERP" "rather a tank than a car". Well, we could not agree more.

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The German edition of «TopGear» project

author: TopGear

The German edition of the project of TopGear also called SHERP a small tank and extreme off-road buggy, which will reach places, where one could previously get by helicopter only.

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Site «Truck Yeah»

author: Máté Petrány

Browser popular site Truck Yeah named the article "The Russians Make the Best Truck in the Universe for $ 50K". The review in this online publication ends even more directly and unequivocally: McLaren F1 and the ATV. You don't need anything else.

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International specialized site motor1.com

author: George Kennedy

International specialized motor1.com site in its review called SHERP as an "ultimatum amphibious 4x4 vehicle. "Flattering epithet, which fully reflects the determination with which the ATV overcomes any obstacles.

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author: auto-motor-und-sport.de

German auto-motor-und-sport.de site immediately set the record straight, started the article with an unambiguous phrase: "there where this car is not able to get, only the helicopter helps". Positive and, what is more important, an honest review of the site editor.

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author: hiconsumption.com

When looking at SHERP, journalists of hiconsumption.com English-language site thought of a toy all-terrain vehicle, with which all boys in their childhood played. Indeed, the proportions of this powerful and reliable vehicle look a little bit toylike and childish, but it has nothing in common with its capability in reality.

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author: Topgear

Reporters of a trustworthy topgear.com site conducted full test of the ATV. Their conclusion: SHERP is definitely worthy of special attention. They called the ATV a "small tank".

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The magazine “Fishing with us”

author: Andrey Farobin

Specialized magazine Fishing with us praised the SHERP ATV from the standpoint of fishermen. The authors operated the car not only off the road, but even experienced during ice fishing, not coming down from the all-terrain vehicle on the ice.

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Online magazine “Wheels”

author: Mikhail Balandin

Columnist Mikhail Balandin participated in field trials of the SHERP ATV, and he described it in an article full of rave complements the vehicle in the automotive online magazine "Wheels".

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Magazine “4×4 wheel drive”

author: Andrey Farobin

Andrew Farobin , editor in chief of the national off-road magazine "4x4 wheel drive", called SHERP as "off-limits" ATV referring to the fact that they tested the car really hard to set the limit possibilities.

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