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Born and marketed in 2015, it's not a military vehicle and in Russia they use it Even hunters and fishermen or for activities in unreachable places.

Website trendhunter.com

The trendhunter.com site specializes in finding trend information and interesting videos. No wonder SHERP drew the attention of the publisher. An article on the site disclose main advantages of the Russian ATV, the ones that make it really one-of-a kind. The article describes the main advantages of the vehicle that make it really unique.

Website gadgetify.com

US site gadgetify.com introduced Russian all-terrain vehicle to its readers. Even in a small article, the authors could not describe some of its impressive capabilities.

Kenora Online

Kenora Online posted a video of Sherp driving on the ice, running off it into the water and getting onto the ice again. How easily it moves! Foreign testers were impressed!

Portal 4х4online.hu

The most valuable complements are those made by professionals. That is why the kind words from the Hungarian specialized portal 4х4online.hu is a true recognition.


ReviewMachines.com made a detailed video review of the Sherp. Journalists managed to test this all-terrain vehicle in its natural "habitat" - in the wild.

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