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International specialized site motor1.com

A car designed for the track will not do well with the least bit of dirt or rocks, while a 4x4 designed for the trail won’t be able to corner at high speed. But some vehicles can do just about anything, and when we come across those, it raises our eyebrows. The vehicle in question is called the Sherp.


The Sherp ATV is the beloved child of Alexei Garagashyan, a mechanic in St. Petersburg, who developed a monster on the basis of a monster Trucks. The entire idea of Sherp is centered around four huge low pressure tires, which are the most outstanding attributes of the vehicle.

CNN Greece

The CNN Greek shared its impressions of the Russian ATV in its article. Believe it or not, SHERP is of interest even to the people in this warm country.

Site «Truck Yeah»

Browser popular site Truck Yeah named the article "The Russians Make the Best Truck in the Universe for $ 50K". The review in this online publication ends even more directly and unequivocally: McLaren F1 and the ATV. You don't need anything else.

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